Windshield fixed!?!

The windshield repair guy came today to see about fixing the windshield leak without pulling the windshield out completely and reinstalling it.

He pulled off the original rubber trim to expose the gap between the windshield and the body of the MoHo.

IMG_2328 [218337]Once the rubber trim was out, he could inspect/clean the channel up there.

IMG_2329 [218338]The fix is to squirt a huge amount of urethane sealant into the gap between the windshield and the body. The idea is that the urethane will seal any area that might be leaking up there.

IMG_2330 [218339]
Painters tape fixes everything
I was pleased to see that the professional glass installer – he has been doing this for 22 years – uses the same blue painters tape that I had used.  He just used more!  I guess that’s the difference between an amateur (me) and a pro (him).

We’re crossing our fingers and hoping this fixes the leaks!  Not the painters tape. The urethane.


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