Last day in Kerrville

Sadly its our last day in Kerrville!  Where did the time go?

For our last day, we decided to take advantage of the heat and head for the river.  Specifically, the Kerrville-Schreiner park where we rented a kayak!

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Paddling the Guadalupe
It was hot but pretty nice out on the water!  We paddled up about a mile and then drifted back down the river. Along the route, we saw turtles sunning themselves on dead trees that were sticking up out of the water.

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Out on the kayak
The ducks and geese were out on patrol, letting us know who really owns the river.

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River patrol
We came back into town and stopped at the H E B.  They had a sushi chef on site so we decided to try it out.  It looked pretty damn good!

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Texas sushi
We brought the sushi back to the MoHo and paired it with a Sauvingnon Blanc we got in Fredericksburg.  Both were delicious!!  We were particularly impressed with the sushi and the wine paired excellently with it! So don’t be afraid of grocery store Texas sushi from the H E B.

Today was a great final day in Kerrville!  We will miss it as we head east!

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  1. Bryan, I found your Blog from your dad who I meet while researching Tiffin RV’s, I njoy reading your blog, and we will be heading to California in November. You might want to add a subscription form to allow people to be notified when you post new content. I also use WP for my blog at

    Hope we can connect sometime.


  2. Jon – thanks for the note! I’ve seen your blog as well…it looks great! Your suggestion about subscribing is a good one, I’ll look for a WP plugin to enable that functionality. We are in Louisiana heading east, but would love to catch up on the road if our paths cross!


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