Exploring Burlington Trails

As we wait for the leaves to start turning, which they most definitely have NOT yet, we have been exploring the walking and hiking trails around the Burlington area.  And there are MANY trails around the Burlington area.

This one, for example, known as “Delta Park” runs along Lake Champlain and crosses the Winooski River as it empties into the lake.  Its paved and is popular with both walkers/joggers and bicyclists.

Lake Champlain is visible from various spots along the trail, along with some beaches.  Many of the beaches are privately owned, but several city beaches are accessible from the trail.

We’ve had a few storms come through while we wait.  This one woke us up at 4:30am with lightning bolts crashing all around.  Very little wind compared to a Midwest thunderstorm though, which was nice.



The terrain is varied from the grassy banks of the Winooski river to a bridge spanning the river itself.  This bridge is just for the bike/walking trail.  No cars.

There is about half a mile of raised pathway too, above a marshy area.

Here is another shot of the bridge over the Winooski River.  Just to the left of the photo the river opens into Lake Champlain.

This is a view of one of the public beaches.  Several years of drought have left the lake lower than usual, so the beach is actually quite a distance from the water.

The night after we walked this trail, we were woken at 4:30am by a loud storm moving through.  Lightning bolts were crashing all around us and the flashes were very bright. The blackout shades on the MoHo work REALLY well, and we didn’t realize what a light show was going on until we raised one of the blinds.  Wow!!!  Talk about fireworks.

MoHo tip – if you can get a coach with two sets of blinds, you should.  We have this setup and it is really terrific. One set are day shades that look basically like screen doors.  The give us decent privacy – nobody can really see in – and some shade, but we can still see out during the day.  Night shades are solid black and block all the light coming in.  When these are down it is very dark inside the MoHo.

Unlike Midwest storms, this one wasn’t as windy and no hail.  It was still windy, but not savage wind like big Midwest storms can bring.

wp-image-1180504068png.pngSo far, the most intense storm we’ve encountered was in Alamogordo New Mexico, and even then only the edge of the storm.  The closest call with lightning was in Florida, as was the storm with the most total rainfall.

Another trail starts out at Winooski Falls and traces upriver to a lowhead dam and small power plant.  It was called the Winooski Nature Trail.

This trail was more tree-covered than the other.  Or maybe it was just that it is a true hiking path and not a paved path.

The trail eventually climbed up out of the canyon above the river.

About 2/3 up the trail, we went under a freeway overpass.  A homeless colony was below, fortunately the occupants weren’t there.  The graffiti was pretty cool though.

Can you hear me NOW?

I was pretty impressed by the talent of the graffiti artists, to be honest.  I hope they put that talent to good use.

This trail ends at the railroad bridge you see in the photo.  Private property past this point.

Another  neat trail was setup at Macrae farm.  Reaching the trail itself was a fun drive into farmland over some very picturesque dirt roads.

The trail moves along hay fields and river levees.  The entrance to the trail was pretty lush and shaded.

It was almost as if the path was maintained carefully and mowed.  Maybe it was.

Like a park

The trail is very flat but covers some scenic ground along the river.

We have been very impressed by Burlington’s trails and I could post hundreds of additional photos.  We have both been pleased by the level of parks and trails in the Burlington area – well done Burlington!

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