Back from repairs

So we drove 120 miles to San Jose to Almaden RV to pick up the MoHo.  They had it for almost two weeks.

The good news is that the roof leaks were easy to fix and there was no significant water damage inside any of the cabinets. So that was a load off our minds.

The surprised bad news was that the reason the tile backsplash came loose is that the entire galley cabinet with the sink and oven was not anchored to the slideout wall.  Like, not at all.  There is a steel frame in the slideout wall that the galley slide is anchored too.  Well, Fleetwood never installed the anchors.  So the galley was only held in place by the tile backsplash which was just glued to the wall.  It was only a matter of time before the weight of the galley peeled the backsplash off.

Its fixed though. At this point, all the major issue with the RV seem to be resolved, and once our house is empty and ready to sell we can hit the road.


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